The importance of the sponsor in TwiceCoin

Understand why it's so important to choose your sponsor on a binary network such as TwiceCoin

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Hello my friends. In this article I will talk about a very important role when the subject is Binary Network, the Sponsor. The uses the Binary network method to encourage its users to promote the program.



What is Binary Network


If you did not know, I'll try to summarize what binary networking is.

As the name said, it is a network composed of 2 people (bi). So your network may have only two people. One on the left, and one on the right. It is often called these sides as legs. Then you may have one person on your left leg and another on your right leg. To simplify the text, we will call the Left Leg of "LL" and the Right Leg of "RL".

If you can refer someone through your referral link, they will be placed on one of your legs.

Jet-Coin and TwiceCoin Binary Network

When you refer another person, it will fall on the other leg. After that, your two legs will already be occupied. In this example, I used the default setting, which is always put a new one indicated on the smaller leg. This makes your network stay balanced. But the give you the option to change this setting if you want. At the end of this article you will understand why this setting is important, along with choosing a good sponsor.

Jet-Coin and TwiceCoin Binary Network

Continuing, if any of the people on your legs can indicate someone, this person will fall on one of your designated legs and consequently will be on your second level of legs. Like a family tree.

Jet-Coin and TwiceCoin Binary Network

In the example above, the person in your RL indicated another person. So she stayed on her friend's LL-1, but from her point of view, he stayed on his RL-2.1 (Right Leg on the second level, position 1).

As you may have noticed, your children will work for you. Each of them will also be your nominee.

But if you already have both of your legs filled out (as in the example above) and get someone through your referral, this one will "drain" to one of your children, according to the setting you made (go to The lower leg, go to the left leg, go to the right leg). Suppose you have always chosen to send new nominations for the left leg:

Jet-Coin and TwiceCoin Binary Network

If you keep putting people through your referral link and keeping the setting always falling on your left leg, your network will look like this:

Jet-Coin and TwiceCoin Binary Network

Note that LL-1 won a child without effort, LL-2.1. Note also that LL-2.1 also gained a child without doing any work, LL-3.1. Are you already understanding the power of the strong Sponsor?

How do I earn from the binary network?

We have explained above how the binary network is mapped. Each of the network participants has a value. This value is equal to the value of the plan that the person hired. In case, if someone bought the Spartacus-2, its value is 0.10. But if one of the participants bought the Spartacus 5, its value is 1.00.

To find out what your bonus will be, simply sum everyone on your left leg, including sub-levels. Then sum everyone on your right leg, also considering all the various levels.

Once you've done that, you have the value of both legs. Then, take the leg that is of the lowest value. Multiply this lower value by the percentage of your plan's binary bonus, for example, in Spartacus-2, the percentage is 6%. This is the value in Bitcoins that you will earn from binary bonuses. Then, to finalize, subtract from the two legs the smallest value. Certainly, one of your legs will be zeroed, and the other will be somewhat still (unless both legs were the same, then both would be zeroed.)

I'll give you an example, let's look at values ​​on the network we've set up earlier:

Jet-Coin and TwiceCoin Binary Network

  1. Sum the Left Leg: 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.3 = 0.5 BTC
  2. Sum the Right Leg: 0.5 + 0.3 = 0.8 BTC
  3. Select the lower leg: LL (0.5BTC)
  4. Multiply by Binary Plan Bonus percentage: 0.5 BTC * 6% (assuming my plan is Spartacus-2) = 0.03 BTC
  5. Jet-Coin pays 0.03 BTC of binary bonuses.
  6. Subtract from the two legs the value of the minor: LL: 0,5 - 0,5 = 0; RL: 0.8 - 0.5 = 0.3
  7. Okay, now you have 0 points on the left leg and 0,3 on the right leg. And received 0.03 BTC of binary bonuses.

The importance of a strong Sponsor in

So far we have analyzed the Binary Network of the from the parental point of view, that is, starting of people to the lower levels. Let's look now from the point that we are someone's own (sponsored by someone).

When a friend invites us to enroll a business or buy a product, we do everything to enroll/buy for this friend's indication, so that he earns commission and does not harm us at all. In the case of binary network, it is very important to choose who will be our sponsor (indicator) as this will imply much help in the future. So, before entering the for a friend's referral, see if this friend is strong enough to help you in the future. Being strong means that your sponsor has to have a great way of spreading (blog, social network, etc.) to get many nominees, and those indicated "run" to your network.

As we said in the example above, when you already have your two legs complete, the next person you refer will "drip" to your children. That is, you will help your children. I will give two examples, one of good choice of Sponsor and one of bad Sponsor choice.

Strong Sponsor

Look at the network image below:

Jet-Coin and TwiceCoin Binary Network

You are under a strong sponsor. So, whenever this strong sponsor adds a new nominee, this nominee will fall either to the left side, or to the right side. In this example, if it drops to the left side (your side), these nominees will be part of your network. Note that you have 4 people on your left leg and you did not have to make the minimum disclosure effort to get them. They were placed by your "father" (sponsor). You just need to do the work on a single leg, the right one. Here comes the use of the setting, leave your right leg as the default, and the left leg will be mounted by your strong sponsor.

Weak Sponsor

Look at the network image below:

Jet-Coin and TwiceCoin Binary Network

You are under a weak sponsor, that is, someone who has no influence to get new affiliates. That way, he will hardly be able to add someone in his network and consequently hardly any will flow to you. In this way, all the construction of your binary network, will have to be done by yourself, without any help.


The binary network is not the goal of programs such as, but it is a good help to increase incomes. If you plan to have more income, think carefully and plan your binary network well. But do not just think about who you're going to put on the net, but mostly the network you want to get into. Think first of putting yourself well, and only then think of the people you will indicate (friends, siblings, etc...). Never go into someone's network just out of friendship or to help. Get into a network for you to be having benefits as well.

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