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Posted by eMMi'sJune 5th 2017
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Are you asking How to make money with bitcoin? A novelty is shaking the investment world. The Bitcoins Trading. It is a easy way for making money with Bitcoin!

You may have heard of BitCoin. It is a crypto-currency totally managed by computers, without intervention of governments or other corrupt organs.

By not having governments behind, the rates are very low (almost zero) and you can use it all over the world, without exchange rates, etc... In some places you will find ATM to convert your BitCoins in local currency (cash).

For these and others, BitCoin is becoming a currency widely used in the virtual world, for purchases / sales and also for investments.

We'll explain how to double your BitCoins investment in 180 days with


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a payment network and is also a completely digital currency ie there is no Bitcoin in the form of banknotes or metal coins. It is a crypto-currency.

It works like money for Internet transactions. Several stores accept payment in the form of Bitcoin.

As it is a decentralized currency, it does not have any organ or government managing Bitcoin. All transactions are managed by users.

The creator of this concept is Satoshi Nakamoto!

For more information, see the

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Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin Trading is nothing more than buying BitCoin for a low price and selling for a high price. That simple.

You can do the Trading on your own and make a lot of profit, but you will need a lot of dedication, study and free time. There are companies that do this work for you. They make a huge profit and give you a share. That's where the guarantee comes from doubling your investment in 180 days.

You may be wondering, "How is it possible? In a traditional bank, the best investment I can make is 15% a year and you must invest a lot of money!"

It's simple. Since BitCoin is a worldwide currency, there are several and several BitCoin Exchanges. Each Exchange has its own price. Here comes the magic. Why not buy BitCoins (pay in Dollar and receive in Bitcoin) in an Exchange that is cheaper and soon in the sequence sell (turn the BitCoins into Dollar again) in an Exchange that is more expensive?

I suggest you go to the Paxful site and see the current price. Then go to Coinbase and see the price there. You will notice that there is difference. So, if for example in PF is cheaper, you buy in PF, transfer the BitCoins to the CB and sell more expensive there. In a few minutes you will have a profit.

Now imagine that in addition to PF and CB there are thousands of other Exchanges around the world, with different prices. If you can work with all of them you can make a huge profit.

That is why I suggest hiring a company to do this for you. They have employees, software, studies and visibility to do the Trading safely and broadly, maximizing profits.

Obviously they have an absurd profit and pass you only a part (like any bank). The difference that the part that they pass to you is very very greater than any bank would pass to you.

I will speak here about the most popular and reliable company, the

What is JetCoin?

A is specialized and operates large volume of Bitcoins per day. You can hire an investment plan managed by them and have the amount of Bitcoins doubled in 180 days.

That's right. If you invest 1 BTC, in 50 days they guarantee that you will get 2BTC

How does JetCoin work?

To invest is very simple. Just choose the plan, register and make the deposit in Bitcoins! These are the plans available


  • JC-2

    Amount invested: 0.10 BTC.

    Daily income: 0.001 BTC.

    Time for first deposit: 30 days (see below)

  • JC-3

    Amount invested: 0.30 BTC.

    Daily income: 0.003 BTC.

    Time for first deposit: 10 days (see below)

  • JC-4

    Amount invested: 0.50 BTC.

    Daily income: 0.005 BTC.

    Time for first deposit: 6 days (see below)

  • JC-5

    Amount invested: 1.00 BTC.

    Daily income: 0.01 BTC.

    Time for first deposit: 3 days (see below)

  • JC-6

    Amount invested: 2.00 BTC.

    Daily income: 0.02 BTC.

    Time for first deposit: 2 dias (see below)

  • JC-7

    Amount invested: 3.00 BTC.

    Daily income: 0.03 BTC.

    Time for first deposit: daily (see below)

  • JC-8

    Amount invested: 4.00 BTC.

    Daily income: 0.04 BTC.

    Time for first deposit: daily (see below)

When you reach 0.03 BTC of income automatically deposits it into your wallet. This is how the first deposit date is calculated: 0.03 divided by the daily yield.

This investment is restricted to invited people. You can not just enter the website and invest. You need to be invited by someone. You need a sponsor.

If you need a sponsor, click on the following link:

How to invest in JetCoin

  1. Create your account at any BitCoins brokerage.


    The broker is responsible for converting its Dollars into BitCoins (and vice versa).

  2. Transfer the desired amount in Dollars from your conventional bank (Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, etc ...) to your account at the brokerage house.

    Read the transfer procedure of your chosen brokerage firmly.

  3. In a few hours (sometimes minutes) your money will already be available at the brokerage house. Then buy BitCoins.

    In this step you leave the Real World to enter the BitCoin world.

  4. Register on theJetCoin

    You need a sponsor (same as Orkut and Gmail in the past). All JetCoin links in this tutorial are already with the built-in sponsor.

    During the registration you will be asked for the number of your BitCoin portfolio that your brokerage firm has created. Inform correctly, because in this portfolio your income will be deposited.

  5. Hire the desired plan and pay in BitCoins following the procedure.

    You will be informed of a BitCoin wallet number from JetCoin to make the deposit. Just go to your brokerage and request the transfer to the informed portfolio.

  6. Ready. You already invested.

    You can see your income on a daily basis. Whenever it reaches 0.03 BTC (3 cents BitCoin), the JetCoin will make a deposit in your wallet created by the broker.

  7. At the end of the 40 ou 50 days, you will have received double the amount (in BitCoins) of the plan you have contracted.

  8. You can now reinvest (buy another title), spend as you wish (Purchases or donations) or ask your broker to convert BitCoins to Real and deposit it into your Bank.

    The conversion will be done based on the BitCoin moment quotation. So if the value is below what you want, wait another day or reinvest.

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Monthly Administrative Fee

The JetCoin is free of taxes

Who owns JetCoin?

JetCoin is not an enterprise. It is an investment system. So it does not have a president or something like that. The only available information is that JetCoin is located at Hong Kong.

Is JetCoin a fraud? Or is it the Financial Pyramid?

No .. It's neither fraud nor financial pyramid. They give you bonuses (by decreasing the time that the amount will double) by people you indicate. But that does not mean you will only make a profit if you create a network. Your income will come from the trading (purchase / sale of bitcoin) made by the and not by people who enter as their sponsored.

It is a very modern and very new form of trading, so it generates a certain mistrust. But who already participates, is already receiving the promised.

Is JetCoin a risk?

Like any profitable investment, it has risks! The biggest risk I see is that Bitcoin will one day stop being accepted and become a currency in disuse. Then your price will drop a lot. When is it going to happen? I hope never.

There is a website telling that JetCoin is a fraud. It is a lie. Who is in knows that JetCoin is truthful and is receiving on time and corretly.

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