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Posted by eMMi's on 2017 May 20th
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Hello everyone, unfortunately BTCClock announced on July 25th that it has closed its activities. The justification is that they received a very large number of requests for withdrawals and were left with no funds to do the trading. Users have made the withdrawals to protect their Bitcoins due to the uncertainties that the Bitcoin network is experiencing with the activation of SegWit.

BTCClock lasted more than 90 days and anyone who followed the tips right away got a good profit. Unfortunately a great project that is gone.

Where will I invest now?

As I said in other articles, I will avoid investing in systems that have "legs", because in my view they break very fast, like GladiaCoin, Jet-Coin, EcoinPlus and WalletPllus. Another thing, I will always try to invest in consolidated systems and with great time online. I currently go to Investellect. If you want to know, see the article: Testing Investellect - Is it truthful? How does Investellect work? See the details here!.

Tips for investing in Bitcoins

Let's get the tips everyone should know by heart:

  1. Moderation - Just invest what you will not need. Do not make loans or stop paying bills to invest!
  2. Security/Gain - NEVER use the reinvest button. Make daily withdrawals and join at least what you invested. Then work only on profit! Do not be greedy.
  3. Diversify - Do not put all the eggs in the same basket. See other investments here: Best Investment Programs with Bitcoins.
  4. Enjoy - Do not reinvest every bitcoin you make. Make daily withdrawals, divide your profit into Reinvestments (40%) and Usufruct (60%). Reinvoke only 40%.


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