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Posted by eMMi's on 2017 May 20th
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Hello guys. Are you asking How to make money with bitcoin? Let's go to another article about getting rich with Bitcoins investments. It is a easy way for making money with Bitcoin!

We have already tested TwiceCoin.com And we are very happy. It is performing well, as promised. We already have our group of friends and everyone, without exception, are receiving perfectly. If you do not know anything about the TwiceCoin.com, see this our article: TwiceCoin is Truthful - How to make money using Bitcoin with TwiceCoin.

In this article, we are going to talk about a new company, the BTCClock. While the TwiceCoin.com works with Bitcoins Trading (buy cheap and sell dear) and promises to double your investment in 90 days and the Jet-Coin double your investiment in 60 days, the BTCClock.net gives you a daily profit of 3,84% and your balance is updated every second. Other great difference is that BTCClock allows you to release your deposit with a 5% fee.

So we researched the company and decided to bet. We made a low investment of 0.005 BTC. This is the least value for you to attend.

BTCClock presented, lets go to the comments.


How is the Investment Process in BTCClock.net

To invest, simply access the site: BTCClock

Click on Sign Up. Enter your e-mail, password and the address of your favorite bitcoin wallet.

In a few minutes you will receive your user id and password by e-mail.

After this registration, you can login using your e-mail and password (TIP: Use the password received by e-mail.). To start earning, you must make a deposit. The minimum value is 0,005.

How do I receive from BTCClock?

You need to request your payment to BTCClock. The minimum amount is 0,0005 BTC.

Affiliate Commissions in the BTCClock

In almost all investment programs, there is the possibility of having a higher profit by indicating people. At the BTCClock.net is no different. The commission is a percentage of the amount your nominee will make.

  1. Commission of 15%.

How is our experience with BTCClock

As I said before, we invested 0.01BTC ($ 12.00) on 04/16th/2017. Below, I'll tell you how it is and try to update the site frequently.

  • 05/20th/2017

    Today was the investment day. We made a deposit of 0.01 BTC in the Monero (XMR) plan. Very simple registration and expect only 1 confirmation from the Bitcoin network to confirm the credit.

  • 05/21st/2017

    I have no sufficient ballance to withdraw.

  • 05/22nd/2017

    I have no sufficient ballance to withdraw.

  • 05/23rd/2017

    My first withdraw.. Success! Almost 10% of my investiment.

  • 05/24th/2017 to 05/31st/2017

    Everything working fine

  • 06/01st/2017 to today

    A lot of successful withdrawals.

Past 30 days, I will not update the above table anymore. If I have some interesting news, I will write here or in the comments.

Conclusions on BTCClock.net

Everything working fine!


Leave your questions in the comments below. We will respond as soon as possible.

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